Solar system on the factory roof saves 50,000€ per year

Electricity costs down, CO2 values lowered and around 80 percent of energy requirements covered: with the new solar system on the flat roof of the workshop, the Italian company Officina Ferrari Meccanica GBW in the Reggio Emilia region solves three concerns at once. The installation of the system took only 30 days. The Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverters, which are simply installed directly on the roof, are also responsible for the speed with which the system was installed.

“In just one month, we installed the whole system with 714 solar modules on the roof of the workshop and above the offices on a total area of 1,430 square meters,” says Matteo Monti, Sales Manager of the Project Group, that installed the system. “The Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverters have proven to be the ideal solution for installation on a flat surface. We were able to build quickly without heavy assembly work. In addition, we are very satisfied with the high flexibility offered by the CORE1 inverters. They don’t limit the number of modules, but allow a variable and individual selection – depending on the need.”

Matteo Monti: “We chose SMA as our partner because the company with its many years of experience and expertise stands for both quality and technological innovation. This includes, for example, energy monitoring with the new SMA Data Manager M, which reliably monitors the energy flows of the system and provides exact data for comprehensive monitoring. We used SUNNY DESIGN, SMA’s planning tool, to plan the project and thus obtained reliable information about the expected energy yields and savings in advance”.

The solar system has an output of 299.88 kWp and thus covers approximately 80% of the energy requirements of the Officina Ferrari Meccanica GBW. At the same time the enterprise has thereby substantial energy savings at a value of 286,000 kWh and can be pleased about savings of 48,620€ per year. By reducing CO2 emissions by more than 60 tons per year, Officina Ferrari GBW is reducing its environmental footprint and making its operations more sustainable.


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