Solar Roadways: Is this the Future of Mobility?

solar freakin' roadways
Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!


Solar panels that you can drive, park, and walk on. They melt snow and… cut greenhouse gases by 75-percent?!!!

Check this inspiring video and tell us what you think! Is this the future of mobility?

Have a nice weekend!


Here you can find more information about the project:

Solar Roadways



  1. John
    John says:

    Well Leonie at least one engineer (search on EEVblog #681) is not too impressed by any of this because he feels the economics don’t add up. But it is a compelling idea? I think what engineers are missing is the sheer scale of this and economies of scale that come with it. But the same old question: how much CO2 will be generated making the panels versus what sort of CO2 savings they will deliver?

    • Leonie Blume
      Leonie Blume says:

      Hi John,
      That is a great point about carbon emissions from creating the solar roadways, not to mention emissions from tearing up existing road infrastructure and the waste that will create. We can only hope the net result is significant enough to warrant the investment.
      Best regards

  2. Renaud Janson
    Renaud Janson says:

    The idea to make solar roadways is a very brilliant concept.

    I’m following Solar Roadways, the company behind the concept, since 3 years already, and I hope they will succeed in replacing asphalt with solar panels on our roads.

    I hope too, that SMA will consider their project seriously, and design fantastic inverters adapted to the specific conditions of use of solar roadways panels

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