Solar power for water-scarce Yemen communities

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Clean water is of vital importance in Yemen, one of the world’s most water-scarce countries. Long distances to reach the water supply, the polluting and expensive operation of pumps and the risk of infections such as cholera caused by contaminated drinking water are part of the daily routine for the people of Yemen. The Yemeni government has now started a program for a sustainable water supply.

Yemen is known as one of the world’s most water-scarce countries. 18 million people are in constant need of access to clean water and sanitation for good health and survival. The Dhamar community has to contend with the challenges of walking long distances to collect water from wells or paying exorbitant fuel costs to run water pumps. Now the Dhamar Government Water Supply and Sanitation Local Corporation and Alnasser Solar Pump Trading have completed the first phase for the 1 MW water production solar stations that will operate 26 wells. This will help provide enough clean, potable water and an efficient sewerage system for the Yemeni people.

Sustainable and cost-efficient PV solutions as alternatives to the norm

The 505kW hybrid PV-diesel system in the Samah Field is the first phase of the project. It features nine SMA Sunny Tripower Core1 units and the SMA Power Plant Manager that intelligently manages all energy flows. The plant is 90% solar-powered and the remaining 10% comes from a generator with control systems to monitor the load. The plant uses a SCADA system to control and monitor all of the station’s pumps and motor. With remote support from SMA; the project partners have been able to optimise the time spent on-site efficiently and effectively. The result has been savings of more than 80% in fuel costs as compared to what they were spending before the installation.

The first phase of the 1.3MW solar station was completed in October 2020. We look forward to seeing more phases of this project unfold, which will enable easier access to the basic right of the Yemeni people to clean water.

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      Cleaning the panels always depends on the region and conditions.
      If your calculation shows that the achieved yields after cleaning will compensate the cost for cleaning, it’s worth to do it.
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