SMAll Talk #3: The Fuel Save Revolution

SMAll Talk: SMA Fuel Save Solution
SMAll Talk: The Fuel Save Revolution (Intersolar 2013)

At the moment, the latest SMA innovations are on display at Intersolar Europe, the largest solar trade fair in the world.

We talked with our expert Jens about the features and benefits of a Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid System.

PS: You can still visit our booth today in Munich, Hall B5 Stand 210 and 230.


Read more in our brochure “SMA Fuel Save Solution” (PDF)


  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    Interesting video. I can see the potential of such a solution. Like Wind-Diesel systems, this is for PV-Diesel systems.

    What is the purpose of the Inverter+Batteries shown as number 6 in the background image. Do you have a product like this/

    Also, how does the fuel-save controller communicate with parallel Diesel Genset controller, do we need to program the fuel-save controller like a PLC to tell the type of generator and characteristics? Is there a user manual?

    Thank you.


    • Stella Maria Pfeifer
      Stella Maria Pfeifer says:

      Hello Peter, thanks a lot for your request!

      The purpose of the battery inverter is to provide an additional energy-shifting capability to the system. Through energy-shifting excess-energy produced by the PV plant can be stored in batteries and made dispatchable when needed. This allows the use of solar power at night and hence reduces the use of diesel fuel even further. A SMA central battery inverter will be available in 2014.

      The fuel-save controller communicates with diesel genset controllers through defined communication protocols. You, as a customer, do not have to worry about the programming of the controller at all, since every fuel-save controller is being commissioned by the SMA service team.

      Best regards,

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