SMA kicks off the "Sunny" corporate blog

Günther cramer

After the launch of the employee blog Sonnenallee last year, this week sees the start of our corporate blog. We got the complete lowdown from Leonie Blume, Social Media Manager.

Why does SMA need an online diary?

Leonie: We want to use it to communicate useful information, add value, and support the exchange of knowledge. We want to offer our customers the chance to engage with us and make it clear that we're interested in what theyhave to say. In addition, we hope to use the channel to highlight key future trends and topics and clarify our position. This type of social media also provides greater reach and makes it easier for people to find us online. We hope the blog will help us come high up in Google searches on topics such as smart homes and grid integration. That's why we have to be credible and transparent in our communications.

How is the new blog different to our employee blog?

Leonie Blume

Leonie Blume

Leonie: The employee blog Sonnenallee  is primarily aimed at applicants. It addresses issues such as working at SMA, training and internships, life and culture in Kassel, tips on the application process, our corporate culture and more. By contrast, the corporate blog is aimed at customers, journalists, bloggers, shareholders and the general public. We'll be writing about new SMA technologies and products, energy policy, future trends, grid integration, cost reductions, grid management, smart homes, company news, awards, storage integration, tips on PV plant design, presenting new subsidiary companies, background information for shareholders, new services, energy efficiency, or just projects sponsored by us. So there's plenty to talk about and keep readers coming back.

What about our readers? Will there also be something for them?

Leonie: Yes, by all means. Many SMA applicants are interested in energy policy topics or would like to inform themselves about SMA products and topics prior to an interview. By the way, whoever would like a topic or product explained should feel free to write us (mailto: We will see to come up with a plan to address it.

Excellent, Leonie. Thanks for the discussion.