SMA is looking for solar pioneers

SMA is looking for PV pioneers who laid the foundation for a sustainable, decentralized energy supply with their PV systems many years ago. With their enthusiasm for photovoltaics, they paved the way for today’s energy transition. All PV system operators who installed an SMA solar inverter or battery inverter in the early years of photovoltaics and are still producing solar power today can participate in the photo campaign. SMA will be giving away 15 solar outdoor packages. The closing date for all entries is December 31, 2020.

Generate energy using the power of the sun. For a clean environment, to protect the climate. With no emissions. Sustainable, decentralized and global. What is a logical conclusion for getting climate change under control today was something “exotic” for “nutcases” and lone wolves in the early years of photovoltaics. The PV visionaries often received only a shake of the head for their commitment. However, that didn’t stop them from installing PV inverters and modules with a lot of passion and technical skill.

Mostly commonly seen were inverters from SMA. After all, in 1991, the PV-WR 1500 was the first series-produced PV inverter on the market. And the string technology developed by SMA in 1995 significantly simplified the installation of PV systems, thus laying the foundation for the continued success of solar technology. In 1995, PV-WR was followed by the first Sunny Boy and by the Sunny Boy TL inverter in 2008, which had well over one million sales worldwide.

Participate for a chance to win – here’s how

Together with system operators around the world, SMA now wants to revive the pioneering years of PV in a photo campaign. The competition is open to anyone residing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, the U.S. or Australia who installed an SMA PV or battery inverter at least 15 years ago and whose PV system is still running today.

Simply post a photo with yourself, the SMA inverter and some key information on social media with the hashtag #PVPioneers or send it to SMA via email ( or by post (see Terms of Participation). The pictures will be displayed on a social wall – a digital photo gallery – on the SMA website. A jury will select the 15 most impressive and award them with a solar outdoor package.

Are you a PV Pioneer? Take part in our contest!

Click here to see the website and the terms of participation.

Looking forward to your photos. Good luck!


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    Hi,I want copartener in your produce of company or sale your product, my study is solar system ,I get sma certificate in Iran , would you like ?

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