More Independence With a Commercial Photovoltaic System

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A PV system will allow the Spanish fertilizer company to save 35% of its consumption of energy from the utility grid. A good example how companies can use their rooftops economically and sustainably.

The fertilizer company Sustainable Agro Solutions, SA (SAS), which is based at Almacelles (Lleida), develops, produces and sells products related to agricultural sustainable solutions for the nutritional care of crops. It is benefiting from the energy generated by the self-consumption photovoltaic system created by Sofos Energía.

With an initial investment of €150,000, the PV system will save SAS 35% of its consumption of energy from the utility grid, assuming there to be 130,000 annual kWh, and will prevent the emission of over 133,000 kg of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year.


1/3 of the total energy needs is generated from renewable energy

The new 85.25 kWp photovoltaic system is made up of 341 ATERSA panels and 3 SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL-30 inverters. “At SAS, we will now produce more than a third of our total energy needs from renewable energy and are committed to improving this coverage,” says Eduard Vallverdú, CEO of SAS. “At SAS, in addition to innovation and the production of high-quality products recognized worldwide, we are proud to be leading the way among the companies in our sector genuinely dedicated to sustainability in its broadest sense.”

By introducing this photovoltaic system, SAS is reducing dependency on the price of lighting which power companies offer and diversifying the source of the electricity it consumes, making itself more competitive while at the same time reducing its CO2 footprint.

Sofos offers the full turnkey service, including design, processing of permits, the supply of materials, installation and maintenance throughout the photovoltaic system’s entire service life.


For more information on this project (in Spanish):

New 85 kWp self-consumption photovoltaic system created by Sofos for the company SAS, Almacelles


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