PV oversizing for increased profitability (2/3)

Oversizing a PV installation with the right design

In the first article of this blog series, we talked about the advantages of PV oversizing or overdimensioning. However, success hinges on key factors like quality inverters, string configuration, and diligent monitoring. In this article, we explore these critical considerations empowering installers to optimize PV systems effectively.

Quality of the inverter

Selecting a high-quality inverter is an absolute requirement for every installation, but even more so to facilitate PV oversizing. The internal components of the inverter must be capable of handling increased loads and voltage fluctuations to ensure system reliability and longevity. Additionally, the speed of the inverter’s control system is crucial. In situations of rapidly changing irradiance, such as partial cloud cover, the current can fluctuate rapidly. The inverter must promptly adjust the voltage to accommodate these changes.

Manufacturers often impose specific limits and guidelines regarding PV oversizing to protect system integrity and performance. Adhering to these specifications is essential to prevent potential damage or degradation to system components. Some manufacturers restrict PV oversizing to a maximum of 110%. SMA’s Sunny Boy Smart Energy offers a high-quality inverter based on German quality standards that allows for up to 200% oversizing. 10 years’ warranty offer installers and homeowners peace of mind.*

Investing in a reliable inverter is crucial to achieving optimal performance and minimizing the risk of failure our reduced lifespan. These factors also play an important role in determining the return on investment!

*Conditions on SMA.de/en

String Configuration

Careful consideration of string configuration is necessary to prevent exceeding maximum voltage and current limits in oversized PV installations. Configuring strings appropriately can mitigate the risk of overloading and ensure safe and efficient operation of the system. Proper string configuration also facilitates optimal energy production and distribution, enhancing overall system performance and reliability. SMA’s Sunny Design is a valuable tool to set up a safe and profitable installation. Once the system is running, SMA Smart Connected, the free and automatic fault monitoring service that is integrated in every SMA inverter, notifies proactively in the event of a fault.

Monitoring and Maintenance

As with all solar installations, regular monitoring and maintenance are also essential aspects of managing oversized PV installations. SMA’s portal for monitoring and control, Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, allows system owners to analyse measured values and visualize and compare yields. Installers can follow up data easily through the SMA 360° app. This means that even minor deviations can be detected and resolved quickly. The SMA Online Service Center allows them to look up information and submit service requests 24/7.

Sunny Design screenshot

Sunny Design is a free planning tool for PV systems and comprehensive energy systems. Installers can plan tailor-made PV systems for their customers. Sunny Design takes all technical specifications for the various components into account and provides them with relevant data for a cost-effective assessment of the system. That means that they can match your PV systems to suit the circumstances on-site.

Sunny Design also includes shading analysis. The integrated Renusol planning tool makes it even more efficient.

Watch this video to learn how Sunny Design works.

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