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How do you get to know new people in North Hesse if you don't come from the region yourself but have moved there to begin a new job?

We have been discussing exactly this matter with other companies in the region (BBraun, K+S, AKG, Wintershall and the regional management of North Hesse). In the end, we all have the same goal: to make our newest colleagues feel at home − not only in their new positions, but also in their new social surroundings. Only then will they feel comfortable staying in North Hesse long-term and will hopefully soon come to call it home. This is the reason for the most recent networking evening held on November 15, 2012 for a large number of new employees and their partners. Many newcomers to North Hesse working at various companies took the opportunity to meet new people and discuss experiences after work at Casa Colombiana.

informational material

informational material

Networking was made easy with name tags and a who-is-who flyer with a few details on each attendee. It didn't take long for people to start talking and exchanging phone numbers, given the fact that being newcomers alone was common ground for everybody. To whet newcomers' appetite for North Hesse, plenty of informational material on the region was of course provided. Whether newcomers have already taken to hanging the North Hesse blog postcard “Proud to call North Hesse home” on their fridges as a life motto, remains to been seen. We, the residents of North Hesse, however, are glad to welcome you to our lovely region. 🙂 And, sticking to the topic of networking: The next newcomer gathering is planned for April 2013.

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