New magazine: Sonnenallee. Driven by passion for renewable energies.

The world of renewable energies is truly fascinating. Our new Sonnenallee magazine presents compelling stories about the people, ideas and projects. Sonnenallee takes a broader view, clears up misconceptions, and seeks to change minds and make readers think.

At SMA, more than 3,000 people worldwide have been developing and building the technologies needed for a sustainable future for almost 40 years. We do it because we are driven by our passion for renewable energies and because we believe in the energy transition. With our new Sonnenallee magazine, we would like to share with you some of our passion for the transition to sustainable, renewable energy and to bring this to life.

Fascinating stories about the climate

The magical way in which small steps often lead to something bigger. Sonnenallee is for everyone who has this same goal in mind. Make something happen. Do something about climate change and global warming. Leave a world worth living in for generations to come. Rethink things, be brave, make new ideas a reality.

Sonnenallee tells the stories behind the people and projects. Gives you something to think about. Something to inspire you. Something to emulate. Because we all agree that there is no time left to wait and see.

Click the link to read more stories like the following:

  • The sound of silence – solar power in the Caribbean
  • RWANDA RISING – a startup stronghold for decentralized energy
  • The currency of the energy transition – frequent flyer miles for solar power producers

Even easier: receive Sonnenallee directly in your mailbox.

Do you have an interesting story to share? If so, please comment.

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    UDO SCHMIEDT says:

    Good morning, we (SUNHOUSE) are just finishing the first solar tracker with an SMA TRIPOWER 25.000, the first all over the region in RS/Brazil, it will harvest up to 30% more energy than a non-solar tracker, but only with an SMA inverter !!!!

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