My Stay in California

Huge burgers, huge cars and American flags everywhere… that's how people imagine America. I got to spend 10 weeks in 'The Land of Opportunity' together with two of my trainee colleagues, Tobi and Roukn.


Johanna with her SMA colleques.

SMA Rocklin has two buildings. Marketing and Sales are in one, Service is in the other. I was assigned to the Service department and got to document processes and procedures in service logistics. My work colleagues were very supportive and were always willing to listen and answer my questions. It is typical for Americans to go out to lunch, but not in the Service department! We had BBQ, would play table soccer and pool together. American leisure time.

After work in the USA

There was always something to do after work, too. Either you were invited to the next BBQ or you relaxed at the lake (Folsom Lake, located directly next to Folsom Prison – for all you Jonny Cash fans), our you went into San Francisco.


Johanna does many trips.

Because the most beautiful city in the world is just a 2-hour drive away, we were able to visit it 4 times… and it never got old. We even rented bikes once and rode over the Golden Gate Bridge- 🙂

My USA Conclusion

At the end of the day I can report that this 10-week period not only propelled me professionally, but also personally. I learned a tremendous amount and took home a wealth of experiences. I even improved my SAP skills quite a lot.

What I have noticed about myself after this time is that I am much more open to going up to new people. People say the Americans are superficial, but they are actually really friendly. It made it so easy to get to know new people.

It was a GREAT experience and I am so thankful I had this opportunity.