Large rooftop projects: 3 reasons why installers choose the CORE1

Projets Grandes Toitures < MW : 3 raisons pour lesquelles les installateurs choisissent le CORE1

Since its launch in 2017, the Sunny Tripower CORE1, the first freestanding string inverter, has proven its value with installers for commercial megawatt projects. This is what Serge Communal, Technical Expert and Trainer at the SMA Solar Academy, observed. In daily contact with our (partner) installers, he accompanies them and advises them on technical questions relating to large rooftop projects. In this article, he explains why installers particularly appreciate CORE1.

1. Flexible design

When you ask an installer why they chose the CORE1, chances are that flexibility is high on their list. But how does this translate into practice?

  • With a capacity of 50kW, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 can adapt to power ranges within the megawatt scope.
  • Its unique design allows for overdimensioning of up to 200% (depending on the number of hours it operates at full power). In other words, the CORE1 can a be suitable match for a 100kWp project.
  • Equipped with six independent MPP trackers and SMA ShadeFix technology, it guarantees optimum energy production in all situations: shade, different inclinations or orientations.

This allows installers a lot of flexibility during the design phase and saves them quite a few headaches.

2. Extremely fast installation and commissioning

Installation et mise en service extrêmement rapidesThe CORE1’s second great advantage is the valuable time it saves installers during installation and commissioning.

With its unique freestanding design, the CORE1 can be installed up to 60% faster than any other string inverter and commissioned with a simple click! Installers only need to scan the QR code on the string inverter to access its web interface via Wi-Fi and to follow the Commissioning Wizard. This can be done from the SMA 360° mobile app designed to support installers in their daily activities.

3. Easy maintenance

Time is money, definitely for installers. The CORE1 allows them to optimize their time as much as possible, especially during service interventions. When they have to fix a malfunction, they often spend more time on the road than on fixing the problem itself.
The CORE1 is equipped with SMA SMART CONNECTED, an automated monitoring system that makes unnecessary trips redundant. In the event of an inverter malfunction, the installer receives a notification and diagnosis by email (or via the SMA 360° app). It allows them to be fully prepared to fix any malfunction. If it is necessary to replace the inverter or a component, SMA automatically delivers the corresponding product within an agreed time after the malfunction diagnosis. As a result, downtime is minimized and the installer can provide the facility owner with efficient service while optimizing their own time.


From design to maintenance, to installation and commissioning, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 saves installers valuable time. As a result it is the number one solution for commercial projects within the megawatt scope.

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CORE1, at the heart of your SMA Energy System Business
SMA Energy Systems have a modular design. They consist of perfectly matched components from a single supplier. In addition to hardware such as the CORE1 inverter, the heart of the system, they also include solutions for remote control and monitoring, through a web portal and the new SMA Energy app. You can start immediately with an extensive system or with a smaller solution that you can expand later – depending on your budget and requirements.

CORE1, le cœur de votre SMA Energy System Business

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