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A warm SMA welcome to Jason Devonshire-Mander, who joined us as Head of Sales and Service for the UK and Ireland in December. Jason brings with him a wealth of experience, having worked within the energy storage industry on and off for almost three decades and has developed a track record of achieving revenue and business growth in competitive markets.

Jason is responsible for developing SMA’s sales processes and procedures, profitable business relationship management and working with key accounts to develop strong long-term relationships. Jason has led many challenging projects across the globe from inception to completion in the name of furthering the energy transition.

When asked what he loves about his job, he explained the importance of being a part of a great team that shares similar values to him. Outside of work, Jason’s superpower is being a taxi driver for his energetic children!

We spoke to Jason to find out more about his past career and why working for SMA was so appealing to him.

What are your key responsibilities?

I am primarily responsible for ensuring stability and growth for the UK and Ireland business. This starts with SMA’s people, establishing common objectives across the wider team to not only deliver on, but exceed customer expectations.

We are growing our team and have already welcomed two Key Account Managers and started to extend the service and tech support teams. Bringing onboard new talent will strengthen SMA’s sector presence even further.

How have you found your first weeks in the job?

Busy, busy, busy…! The welcome and support I have received in these first few weeks has been incredible. There is always someone ready and willing to answer the questions that naturally arise in a new role.

My diary is also filling up quickly – I’m keen to meet as many customers and partners as I can, and in such an innovation-driven company, there’s always something new to learn. Life at SMA is certainly never dull!

Tell me how you came to work in the renewables industry?

Having spent much of my working life in stored energy, the renewables sector was never far from my radar – stepping into future energies was a natural transition.

Taking the opportunity to work with SMA, a leader in the solar inverter space, was one of my easiest decisions! As well as undisputed quality solutions and an extremely credible reputation for employee satisfaction, I was attracted to SMA’s ‘people first’ ethos that aligns with my personal values.

What changes in the solar energy sector can we expect in the years to come?

The rise in energy independence has already begun and is set to rise in the near term. Home and business energy consumers are demanding more insights and better technology to maximise their solar power generation and storage.

Driven by regulatory change, businesses will be obliged to integrate solar into new buildings and provide EV chargers at their premises. Additionally, the UK government’s ambitious plans to develop large solar plants and increase renewables whilst ensuring grid stability, will propel the solar industry for years to come.

Do you have any advice for businesses and homeowners at the start of their decarbonisation journey?

The easiest first step is to understand your consumption and increase your awareness. Using energy sensibly, switching off electronics and using LED bulbs has a positive impact on your bill and the planet.

Then set clear objectives, do your research, choose trusted companies with a long track record, and don’t be blinded by cheap prices.

For peace of mind, select systems that give you the data you need and come with a warranty or that are actively monitored by the manufacturer.

If your property allows it, solar panels can make a huge difference to your energy bill. You can use the energy you generate and with the right home management system – such as Sunny Home Manager – you can target this energy to charge your electrical vehicle, or power your heat pump, dishwasher, washing machine, or other appliances.

Do you have any advice for people starting in renewable energy sales?

Do it… but of course not all companies are the same, so if you are motivated by an exciting and evolving work life, then join a company like SMA.

I would also caution the need to balance your career with personal aspirations. As a family man, I enjoy my free time shipping my children from one place to another, exploring Europe, and playing (and recovering from) football.

All in all, I have both a busy work life and busy home life. That’s balanced, right?


Do you want to actively shape the energy supply of the future? Then SMA is the right place for you. Take a look at our job offers and find out about your opportunities and benefits at SMA!


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