It’s movie time!

Those gray autumn days getting you down? Just go to the movies!
For example, I recently went to Filmladen. For over 30 years, this art-house cinema has operated at Goethestraße, in the heart of Kassel’s Vorderer Westen (district of Kassel).

Although it may not be particularly impressive from the outside, there is a really nice little movie theater inside. You won’t find Hollywood blockbusters or commercial cinema here. Instead, Filmladen offers a wide range of European films, independent productions, documentaries, and the like.
The selection is relatively small, making it easy to choose. I bought my ticket and snacks at the same counter. (The man behind the counter seemed to be the only employee on site. In fact, a short time later he was the one who started the projector.) Admittedly, the snack selection could have been a bit wider. But the seats were as comfortable as my grandmother’s sofa, and with so many fewer seats, even someone sitting at the end of the row has a good view of the screen.

In short: Highly recommended and well worth checking out.


This article was published in 2011. As we are constantly developing our solutions, there may be newer or additional options for the tips and techniques in this article.


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