IKEA UK to Sell PV Systems in stores

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Ikea UK sells SMA inverter

The Swedish furniture giant has added PV systems to the products it sells in the UK. Within the next ten months customers will be able to buy PV systems at each of the UK’s 17 IKEA stores.


Solar PV systems among the BILLY Bookcases and EXPEDIT Series

Members of the IKEA Family Club in the UK can buy a PV system with 3.36 kW of power for the equivalent of about 6,800 euros (5,700 pound), including tax. They can also arrange for a solar financing package to take the system home with no upfront payment. Hanergy UK is showcasing the system prominently in stores and is offering a full service package, including consultation and design service as well as installation, maintenance and monitoring of the PV system.


IKEA To Sell Solar Panels From All UK Stores


This collaboration confirms the growing trend of retailers worldwide looking to sell PV panels and systems directly to the consumer. We are curious how this new offer will come across. What do you think? Will IKEA soon sell PV systems in other countries, too?


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