Hybrid Energy Supply of East Africas Largest Salt Factory

Hybrid Energy Supply of a Salt Factory

Krystalline Salt’s factory is supplied by 25% of solar energy in grid parallel and in diesel mode. Following their ambitious energy management, the company took solar to a professional scale and safes expenditures for electricity supply.
SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH as EPC in cooperation with its local construction partner Harmonic Systems build and commissioned the project within 5,5 months.

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Location: Malindi, Kenya
Commissioning: December 2016
Specific requirements: Co-generation with generators and grid
Costal conditions
EPC: SMA Sunbelt GmbH
(Engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning)
Partner: Project development:
End customer:
Installation partner:
NVI / Solarafrica
Krystalline Salt, producer
Harmonic Systems, Kenya
Plant Information
Installed PV power: 991 kWp
Diesel Capacity: 4 MVA
Annual energy yield: 1600 MWh
CO2 savings: 982 t/year
Savings on electricity costs: 25%
SMA System Technology
1 Fuel Save Controller 2.0
34 Sunny Tripower 25000TL-30


More information

Find more information in our press release.

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    JAYESH says:

    Hi Sma

    We do have one issues with FSC. We can’t see meteo data on the FSC interface while the cluster controller shows the meteo data.

    Your advice is highly appreciated


    • Christian Höhle
      Christian Höhle says:

      Dear Sujay,

      thanks a lot for the hint. I have fixed the mistake now.

      Sunny regards,

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