High Energy Yields Despite Shade

People who have installed a PV system on the roof naturally want to collect as much sunshine as possible. However, what if a tree, chimney or even a neighboring house casts its shadow on the modules? It’s not a problem because SMA has the right solution, no matter the size of the shadow on the PV system.

We will present our solutions to you and explain when which option makes sense.


1. OptiTrac Global Peak: shade management is part of the SMA inverter

The inverter’s MPP-tracker has a decisive influence on the energy yield of a partially shaded system. It continuously operates the PV modules assigned to it at their optimum power, also known as the maximum power point (MPP).

We have optimized the MPP tracking with the specially developed shade management function OptiTrac Global Peak for manageable PV system shading of 15 to 20 percent. It has been integrated into all SMA string inverters. In shading situations, OptiTrac Global Peak always automatically recognizes the global maximum performance of the affected module and can therefore almost completely use the available energy of a partially shaded string.


OptiTrac Global Peak benefits

  • Free, integrated shade management
  • No auxiliary devices necessary
  • Five percent more energy yield, without additional costs


2. Intelligent SMA module optimizers TS4-R-O

If more than 20 percent of the PV modules are shaded over the course of the day, it makes sense to fit the PV system with the SMA TS4-R-O module optimizer. The optimizer enables individual MPP tracking at the module level and therefore still produces the highest possible energy yields from the modules, even in shade.


SMA module optimizer benefits

  • Individual shade management at the module Level
  • Only affected modules have to be equipped with an optimizer
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Up to 10 percent more energy yield


With the SMA Power+ Solution, you put the shade in its place and can enjoy your PV system at any time.


  1. Suhas Shah
    Suhas Shah says:

    For East – west facing PV modules inverter with single MPPT is efficient or inverter with Dual MPPT? Why?

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