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Sabrina Nickel and Jack

Sabrina Nickel and Jack

At the end of July, the little border collie mix puppy “Jack” decided to shake things up at the SMA factory. Thus it just so happened that the HR department was suddenly expanded by one team member on Thursday, July 28.

What can you do when you cannot reconcile dog and work?

You just combine them.

Jack´s sister

Jack´s sister

…just like Sabrina Nickel, team assistant in the Vocational Training department , who had to bring her little companion to work on short notice since there was nobody to take care of him at home.
His little sister was also allowed to come along and ‘sniff out’ the company from a dog’s perspective.
Bringing your “best friends” to work is not a big problem here since sometimes nothing else will work and no dog likes to be alone. Furthermore, the little one loosened up the work atmosphere very nicely and made friends with all the other employees around him.

A heart for Jack

Jack: lunch time!

Jack: lunch time!

With enough food and good care from various SMA employees, even a little dog feels very much at home here and the master does not have to worry about his well-being.
As a company that allows its employees to bring their dogs to work, unfortunately, SMA is in the minority – for a “little diversion” from time to time does not hurt anything.
No distraction, no problem
Despite all the hustle and bustle, Sabrina was not distracted from her work that really matters. For the most important thing is always that the dog must know his spatial and behavioral limits in the workplace and may not constantly distract anybody from the work.


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