From Zero to 140 Megawatt of SMA Inverters, Thailand

With experience in sales and marketing in various industries including telecommunications and technology and electronics, Kitti Thananithikul – or P’ Koe as he is called by the SMA team – is a Sales Manager at SMA Thailand and also part of the Sales Team. His goal in joining SMA was to find and create a new customer base by himself within three to six months. After the first three months, P’ Koe received a large order from Gunkul Engineering for a 31.5 megawatt power plant project. From the first day up until the end of his first year, total sales from all projects reached 140 megawatts. In his own words, P’ Koe talked about his sales strategy below.

Good Relationship with Customers is the Key

“I started with an appointment to introduce SMA to customers for brand awareness. Then I advised them on products suitable for their projects. At the same time, I built a good relationship with the Project team who will follow up with customers on progress of the projects on a regular basis, which eventually led to contract signing.

Success in sales that bring confidence in customers comes from changing ourselves from being their acquaintance to being their partner, and that is when customers feel like we are a family member. Building relationship is a key start.”

Activities and Leisure in Thailand
P´Koe during his Thailand journey

P´Koe during his Thailand journey

In his spare time, P’ Koe spends time exercising. He loves golf because he gets to be with nature where it takes work out of his mind. He likes reading, as it gives him food for thought, such as marketing books from which he can apply what he learns to his job. Normally, he is always play golf with his friends. He has been the winner of “Championship flight C – Heineken Classic” in 2001. For this match, he did not expect to be the winner and he play as normal with his team. So, he was really relaxing and it helps to play better than every time. He learns the habits and characteristics of people from style of golf playing. For example; some of his friend play “the model of golf swing” is very simple lines and good posture, he knows that friend is really kind and clam person.

In every few months, he goes with his parents and family for travelling, outdoor camping, and making merit in many provinces. His favorite province in Thailand is Nongkhai. It is situated in the north-eastern part of Thailand and very close to Laos. The city lies along the Mekong River, there are small town, thick forests, and high land in the east and mountains in the west. He so much enjoys to spending his spare time with his family.

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