From interning to writing my thesis at SMA

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Looking back, it all happened very fast. At this time last summer, I was enjoying my final semester break and still didn’t have any concrete plans for my internship semester.

I came across SMA at a career networking fair in the city where I was studying, and my interest was sparked. After touring the facilities, I was sure that I wanted to do my internship here.

I was so nervous that I almost botched my interview at SMA, but everything turned out well in the end.

My internship

The six months I spent in Kassel for the internship simply flew by. During the final month, I even got the chance to contribute to SMA’s presentation at a career networking fair.

I continue to be impressed by the company. As a total beginner, it’s always great to get any help, but SMA really goes above and beyond.  I felt like a part of the team pretty much right from the start. Everyone is just so nice and friendly with each other.

I started work on my thesis a week ago in the Technology Development department. I hope that with determination and the supportive environment here, I’ll make it past this hurdle as well.

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