Coronavirus: Now we need to keep our distance – and stand together

Corona SMA

The Coronavirus poses a big challenge for people and the economy around the world. Its on each and every one of us now to observe the necessary precautions and in particular to keep our distance from each other. At the same time, however, we should all stand together in order to minimize the impact of the virus and contain its spread. 

At SMA, we have focused on prevention early on. We have implemented all necessary measures such as travel bans and mobile work as well as adapted production processes to provide comprehensive protection for our employees working there. Our Corona task force shares up to date information on the Intranet.  

We all at SMA have committed ourselves to do the following:

  • Strict hygiene and health prevention. In the cafeteria, in production, at all levels. And also in our private environment.
  • Mobile work from home. Worldwide. For all those who have the opportunity.
  • Separating working shifts. Distance when eating. Disinfection of workplaces. For the crew on the line.
  • No more travel. Not to high-risk areas, and nowhere else.
  • Holiday returnees voluntarily stay at home for two weeks. Regardless of their holiday destination.
  • We are there for our customers. With customer meetings via video and Skype. And service in the field where necessary.
  • Events can be rescheduled or held virtually. We offer digital training, webinars and online formats.
  • We keep things running – without any significant bottlenecks in delivery times.

No economic impact so far on SMA 

Separating working shifts, disinfection of workplaces, distance when eating: We keep things running in the production

Separating working shifts, disinfection of workplaces, distance when eating: We keep things running in the production

With our comprehensive measures, we make sure that operations run smoothly while at the same time protecting our personal health. Economically, the Coronavirus so far has had no negative impact on SMA. Our order intake as well as sales and the delivery situation are positive.  

I want to thank all SMA colleagues around the world for their extraordinary commitment to keep our operations running. To our customers, I want to promise you, that we do all in our power to make sure that you can run your business as usual. And to our partners and suppliers around the world, lets do our best together to keep up operations as they are running now. 

My best wishes go out to you and your loved ones and I hope, you stay healthy. I am convinced that together we will manage the situation well. 




Here SMA CEO Jürgen Reinert writes about topics that move him.







This article was published in 2020. As we are constantly developing our solutions, there may be newer or additional options for the tips and techniques in this article.

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