Carnival as an SMA employee

Naja in an SMA costume

Naja in an SMA costume

“Professions: What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Last year, this was the motto of the project at the day care facility that my twin daughters attend.
In the course of the year, the children were supposed to become familiar with a wide variety of different professions.

So it's great that SMA gave me the opportunity to invite all the preschool children on a factory tour. I showed the children the inverter plant and also the various professions that one can engage in here. All of the colleagues in the hall were very friendly and turned circles on the spot in the forklift truck, demonstrated the lights and the horn, and waved.
The children were totally enthusiastic and explained to their parents at home that it must be sooo much fun to work at SMA. So it is no wonder that my daughter Naja wanted to go as an SMA employee for Carnival…as you can see in the picture. 🙂

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