Blog Parade: Disruptions in the Energy Industry

disruptionen in der energiebrnahce

The new energy world is smart, connected and decentralized. More and more people are becoming “prosumers” who are active on completely new platforms and utilize their energy efficiently by coupling photovoltaic and wind turbine systems with storage systems and loads.


An utopian vision of the future? Or will this soon be a reality? What role—if any—will conventional energy carriers play in the future? And what about the part of policy-makers? What role will Google and the automotive industry play in this new energy world? And what is going to happen in Germany? What approaches are we already seeing today? And how much energy do new technologies such as blockchain consume?

All of these questions were hotly debated at the 6th BarCamp Renewables. To pick up on some of the threads discussed at the event and bring together the numerous different aspects, questions and experts, we are getting together with energy bloggers to launch a blog parade focusing on disruptions in the energy industry.


What is a blog parade?

A blog parade is a campaign run by bloggers, for bloggers, which takes place over a set period of time and focuses on a specific issue, gathering a range of thoughts and opinions from different perspectives to raise online awareness. Our blog parade, for example, will focus on disruptions in the energy industry.


How do blog parades work?

If you run a blog and have something to say on the subject, you are welcome to join in. All you have to do is link this article so that all of the articles can be gathered together at the end. Also, to ensure mutual reference, make sure that you use the #disruptenergy @dieenergieblogs @SMAsolar hashtag when sharing your contribution.


Why blog?

We cannot say how the future will look like, but we do know that there are numerous exciting startups, pilot projects, technologies, concepts and business concepts out there focusing on disruptive technologies and business models. So what’s hot and what’s not? This subject is red-hot and the stuff of intense debate and discussion among bloggers. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


How will you benefit?

Glory, honor and reach 😉 OK, definitely the latter, because you’ll receive valuable backlinks to other blogs. It also represents an opportunity for you to extend your network to include new bloggers. On top of that, you start a discussion, gain insights into new lines of thought and have the chance to learn from others.


Let’s get started.

On your marks, get set, blog. What ideas, concepts, theories, startups, pilot projects, business models, products, interfaces, regulations and legislation deserve to be presented, praised or torn apart?


The blog parade runs from December 11, 2017 to February 28, 2018. Spread the message, post a link to this call to action and get your articles published. I’m really excited about this and look forward to seeing you all bouncing your ideas back and forth.


#disruptenergy #blogparade @dieenergieblogs @SMAsolar


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