Availability is key for successful PV projects

Availability is key for successful PV projects


PV power plant projects are long-time investments that operators, owners and investors must be able to rely on. Only if the calculated yields are achieved the investment is a success. Emphasis is not only on energy yield but also on availability. In our interview Boris Wolff, Executive Vice President Business Unit Utility at SMA, explains how availability rates, OPEX and 1500V technology contribute to successful utility-scale PV projects.



  1. Chris Kingsbury
    Chris Kingsbury says:

    Hi, I had 160 PV panels 40kw installed 1/2017 at my business. Only to have the installer/Distributor OMEGA GREENPOWER go into liquidation in April.
    I need some assistance to help me get in touch with the
    Australian Master Distributor to establish where to source
    Ongoing assistance & maintenance of the array.
    Also, I am unable to access the Sunny Portal app on my phone, as I do not recall the Name & Password and am no longer able to talk to the engineer.
    Can you assist ?

  2. Frank B
    Frank B says:

    Exactly right Dr. Wolff! Reliability is absolutely critical, especially with the trend towards lower and lower PPAs. The plant can only make an owner money when the electrons are flowing!

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