May We Introduce? Australia's New Solar Academy Trainer

Adrian Ho SMA Solar Academy Australia

SMA Australia recently launched an updated program of courses with a new Solar Academy trainer at the helm. Adrian Ho has recently taken up the role of Solar Academy Trainer at SMA Australia. Prior to that, he spent two years in the role of Technical Service Engineer at SMA, handling technical enquiries and troubleshooting.
His speciality was dealing with issues related to communications devices. Adrian has a Bachelor in Engineering where he specialised in Solar Energy. This was a brand new degree that was introduced in 2000.

Bachelor in solar energy and a lot of hands-on experience

He began his career in the solar industry as a systems designer, working on schools projects and commercial installations. This includes hands-on experience in on-site shading analysis and the installation of pole mounted tracking systems. He was involved with the installation of solar panels at Sydney’s Cockatoo Island, the largest solar installation on a heritage listed building in Australia.

He has an in-depth knowledge of SMA’s communication products and both the residential and commercial product ranges. He aims to provide more practical training to customers of the SMA Australia Solar Academy. Check out Adrian in action:


Tech Tip: Webconnect and Registering in Sunny Portal


SMA Australia Re-launches its Solar Academy

As industry leaders in the field of solar PV, SMA honours its responsibility to support solar power professionals with its renowned Solar Academy. SMA’s cooperative spirit of sharing knowledge and enhancing the skills of designers and installers positively contributes to the knowledge base of the industry.

SMA Solar Academy courses cover a broad range of topics, including grid connected and off grid solutions, communication devices, system design and installation best practices. Participants are eligible to claim points for the Clean Energy Council’s Continued Professional Development Programme when undertaking SMA Solar Academy courses, which are conducted across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region.


Participants’ comments about SMA Solar Academy trainings

“The course was excellent in terms of informing attendees of the capability and application of SMA’s range of products.”

I found the content to be extremely relevant and my company is very interested in the opportunities that PV hybrid solutions offer large-scale projects in the Asia Pacific region.”

“The course was extremely useful and very well organised. The trainer had excellent knowledge of products and solutions for solar PV applications. I highly recommend SMA Solar Academy trainings.”


Find more information about SMA Solar Academy Australia on our website


  1. scan mitiepo
    scan mitiepo says:

    i would like to attend training for SMA
    we in niue island has lack understanding of data produced through the SMA and FSC



    • Tobias Fricke
      Tobias Fricke says:

      Hello Scan,

      Please contact our colleagues right here. You can attend at webinars and send your questions to them.


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