Inverter displaying an error code, LED flashing – Now what?

Wechselrichter zeigt Fehlercode

PV system operators and installers receive fast support when they need it via our new SMA Online Service Center. You can use this to contact our Service team, look at the status of your service cases and access information on products, innovations and software updates.

The inverter is displaying error 6201 and the red LED is on – oh no, what does that even mean? You can find the solution in double-quick time in our new Online Service Center (OSC).
Under the “Knowledge Articles” menu item, you can also use the search function to see whether there is already an article related to your question that could help you, all without even logging in. For a service request, simply register in the OSC and you can then contact our Service colleagues.

Creating a service request

First, register in the OSC. Create your own request by clicking on the “Create Request” button on the menu under “My Requests” and entering all the relevant information about your query. Terms that you enter in the “Topic” field will be compared automatically with our knowledge database. Corresponding articles will appear to the right of your request.

Click on “Save” to submit your request to our system. You can also find active service cases under “My Requests” and track their status at any time.

Direct contact with the Service team

You can also contact our Service team directly via the “Mail Function” on the right side of the page to pose questions about your service request, for example. To send your message, simply click on “Release.” The Service team’s responses will then appear in the OSC. However, you will also receive them via e-mail.

SMA Sunny Portal connected to the OSC

Very usefully, the Online Service Center also shows you all the systems that you have already saved in SMA Sunny Portal. Should you have any questions concerning a device that is already registered in SMA Sunny Portal, simply select the appropriate system and device under “My Sunny Portal Systems.”

Extending the warranty and replacing the device

It is also possible to extend the warranty via the OSC. In addition, installers can request a replacement device via the OSC. You can find both services under the “More” menu item.

Video demonstration of how the OSC works

Do you have any service-related questions? This video shows you exactly how it works.

Incidentally, if error code 6201 appears, it means that there is a fault in the residual-current monitoring unit. That is what it says in the knowledge article saved in the OSC. In this case, start your service-related request as described above.

The new SMA Online Service Center (english version)

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  1. Ali
    Ali says:

    hi There i have SMA SUNNY BOY INVERTOR, its showing error Insulation error check generator.

    please advise.

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Ali,

      Please get back to our SMA Service for further support.
      We need additional technical data for detailed help.
      Thank you.

      Sunny regards

  2. Voicu alina
    Voicu alina says:

    Hello I have some problems with an inverter from you, the problem is that he consume the energy from the battery and it don’t revert to produce energy.

  3. Simon Tancock
    Simon Tancock says:

    Hi I have a Sunny Boy SMA inverter with a fault code 29433 can any advise what this code means.

  4. John
    John says:

    Hi, i’m receiving a glowing red light on my inverter. I tried to register on the OSC, but I cannot because of the following error.
    Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION, The BillingStateCode field contains FD, which isn’t an available state. Your administrator can add it for you.: [BillingStateCode]
    Please help.

    • SMA Solar
      SMA Solar says:

      Hello John,

      in which country are you? We’ll gladly help with a phone number of our technical staff.

      Sunny regards!

  5. Bhamin Prajapati
    Bhamin Prajapati says:

    we lost 3 inverters of STP60-10 on same location with display shows error code 359 what it is meant!!
    we check all the parameters many times all found ok.
    Insulation Test both side AC&DC found ok.

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Brad,

      Please contact your installer for further support.
      In the first step, you will find more information on your request in the knowledge base of our SMA Online Service Center. By using the search bar above, you can check whether there are further information.

      Sunny regards

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