How to optimize the mobile data transfer of your PV system

If PV systems are connected to the Internet via mobile data using SMA Data Manager M and the Sunny Tripower CORE1, the data consumption may exceed the booked data tariff under certain circumstances. An update and an Internet flat rate will help.

The reason for the increased data consumption is the previous data transfer and update principle of the SMA Data Manager M and the Sunny Tripower CORE1. If the data consumption exceeds the booked volume, no more system data can be transferred to SMA Sunny Portal until the next tariff period for the mobile Internet connection begins.

New solution for data management

SMA is working intensively on reducing the data volume for the online connection of PV systems to Sunny Portal. In future, for example, the SMA Data Manager M will download updates centrally and forward them to the connected devices. This significantly reduces the amount of data transferred.


The following firmware updates are required

  • The firmware update for the Sunny Tripower CORE1 reduces the required data volume for a device update (version 3.00.10 R, available in the SMA download area)
  • The firmware update for the SMA Data Manager M version 1.6.x (replaces 1.4.x) will be installed automatically via the update portal in September.

Loading the updates can lead to a further increase in data volume, as Sunny Tripower CORE1 and SMA Data Manager M have to download these updates individually.

Recommendation for the online connection of your PV system

  • It is best to set up an Internet flat rate.
  • Use a data tariff with a data volume of 3 GB per month and a transfer rate of 1 Mbit/s.
  • Update the firmware of your devices manually (via USB data carrier), if a corresponding data volume is not available. You´ll find the firmware at SMA Service or on the SMA website.

Download the firmware for the Sunny Tripower CORE1 here.

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  1. Imran
    Imran says:

    I need solution can you help me. I have gas engines 1.1 MW, 1.6MW, utility grid 1MW, solar 306 & 257 kw, stand by diesel engine 1Mw &1.6Mw.
    Main source is gas engines, utility grid & solar panels (for day time) . If any system maulfunction or trip, my plant stop production. Now i Need to add 1MW UPS with battery bank to avoid this problem And start my diesel engine it take 5min to 10 min o start and put on load.
    Pl advise.
    Diesel engine MTU.
    Gas engine MTU.
    Solar SMA inverter 60kw X 9Nos.

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