Tech Tip: Watch a Step-by-Step Tutorial on the Installation and Commissioning of SMA’s Cellular LTE Modem Kit

In our latest Tech Tip video, SMA Solar Academy Senior Technical Trainer Mike Mahon demonstrates how easy it is to install and commission the Cellular Modem expansion kit for the Sunny Boy US PV inverter.

The Cellular LTE Modem Kit is an easy-to-install add-on for the Sunny Boy US line which allows for direct data transmission between the inverter and the cloud-based Sunny Portal via a cellular network as an alternative to data transmission via Ethernet or WLAN.

It offers a rapid, “snap-in” installation with a quick and easy setup. It’s 4G LTE modem provides reliable cell signal strength and it is compatible with multiple major cellular carriers. The Cellular LTE Modem Kit also includes a five-year prepaid data plan, which can be extended upon request.

Watch this video and learn how to install and commission the Cellular LTE Modem kit for the Sunny Boy US inverter and discover more benefits by visiting the Cellular LTE Modem Kit webpage here.


  1. Walter Schmutz
    Walter Schmutz says:

    Dear all,
    Please let me know about interfacing (RS485) up to 10 Sunny boiy (5000-US … ) converters.
    The information in the installalltion manual is not containing any useful information.
    The dealer here was not even aware of the existence of the monitoring feature.
    Do you provide any RS485 to Ethernet or WiFi Interfaces to get the raw data 7

    Inteca GmbH
    Walter Schmutz


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