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Updated at October 24, 2018

The purpose of this blog entry is to keep you informed about the latest updates and new publications for SMA devices released by the technical documentation team. This information will be made available regulary. This means that you will always be kept up to date and will never miss any changes or anything new that is published.

Latest Technical and Product Documentation

The following product-related documents have been updated and published for the first time and are available for download from the Download Area at


Module optimizer TS4-R

TS4 – Overview of approved SMA inverters
Technical information


Sunny Boy/Sunny Tripower

Parameter list for SB3.0-1SP-US-40 / SB3.8-1SP-US-40 / SB5.0-1SP-US-40 / SB6.0-1SP-US-40 / SB7.0-1SP-US-40 / SB7.7-1SP-US-40
Technical information

Update for STP 60-10 / SHP 75-10 systems and LCS-Tool. It is mandatory that you read the attached READ-ME.pdf beforehand!
PC Software

Integrated Plant Control und Q on Demand 24/7 – SUNNY TRIPOWER / SUNNY HIGHPOWER
Technical information

Combiner Box for SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1 (CMB-20-F1-S-OV-31)

Certificate of Compliance IEC 61727 – SUNNY TRIPOWER 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 (STP3.0-3AV-40 / STP4.0-3AV-40 / STP5.0-3AV-40 / STP6.0-3AV-40)

Manufacturer’s Declaration – Confirmation of Compliance with the Requirements of C 10/11:2012
Manufacturers Declaration

Technical Information – Impedance at 175 Hz for PV Systems in France SUNNY BOY / SUNNY MINI CENTRAL / SUNNY TRIPOWER / SUNNY HIGHPOWER / FLX PRO
Technical information

Installation Manual // Instrucciones de instalación – SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE1-US (STP 33-US-41 / STP 50-US-41 / STP 62-US-41)
Installation Guide

Integrated Plant Control and Q on Demand 24/7 – SUNNY TRIPOWER / SUNNY HIGHPOWER
Technical information

Integrated Plant Control i Q on Demand 24/7 – SUNNY TRIPOWER / SUNNY HIGHPOWER
Technical information


Data Manager M

Quick Reference Guide // Instrucciones breves // Notice résumée – SMA DATA MANAGER M (EDMM-US-10)
Quick reference guide

Quick Reference Guide
Quick reference guide


Sunny Central

Certificate IEC 62109-x – SUNNY CENTRAL (SC-2200-10 / SC-2500-EV-10 / SC-2750-EV-10 / SC-3000-EV-10)
















Software Updates/Firmware Updates


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