The New Sunny Portal App for Android Has Finally Arrived

by Peter Menzel (guest post), , 22 Comments

Let’s start with the good news: After the release last year of the iOS app used for display live data in PV systems with the Sunny Home Manage, an Android app with the same functionality is now available as well.

Plant list display

Plant list display

In light of the rapidly growing use of the Android smartphone operating system, this step was something many owner-operators had been awaiting for quite some time. While four years ago only every one in five mobile telephones were operating with Android, less than two years later every second cell phone was equipped with the operating system. And today, it is estimated that three out of four smartphones operate with the Google platform.


Android app as good as the iOS version

In line with this trend, SMA is finally introducing the app for “non-iPhone users” to the market and into the Google Play store. This means that proud owners of a PV system with the Sunny Home Manager can view all live data and expanded energy management displays for the Sunny Home Manager on their smartphone.

The Android app has been available since April 30 and was updated to version 1.03.19.R on May 22. It offers exactly the same functionality as the iPhone app.

The most recent update fixed an error with display of currently generated PV power when no energy meter for PV production is available.


System overview display with live data in landscape format

System overview display with live data in landscape format

Energy balance display including total consumption, purchased electricity, self-consumption, PV production and grid feed-in.

Energy balance display including total consumption, purchased electricity, self-consumption, PV production and grid feed-in.

PV production forecast

PV production forecast















Consumption value display

Consumption value display

Expansion of charts displaying battery values

Developers announced an improvement immediately after this version was released: Calculation of consumption figures in systems with a battery differs from that in Sunny Portal. This means that the two Sunny Portal apps add daily consumption from purchased electricity to self-consumption, whereas daily consumption is displayed as the total of purchased electricity and internal power supply in Sunny Portal.

Currently, the apps are still missing the figures for battery charging and discharging, which enable correct calculation. For PV systems without a storage system, the figures for self-consumption and the internal power supply are naturally the same. However, there is a difference for systems with a storage system because the energy stored in the battery has not yet been consumed. Thus, the new presentation of these charts, including the figures for batteries, is being worked on. With the new release, the app will then also be able to display the missing figure for the internal power supply alongside the figures for battery charging and discharging.


Download Sunny Portal Android AppConclusion

Android users can now finally monitor their SMA Smart Home system even on the go, analyze all energy flows and manage household appliances. This makes the energy transition even more mobile.

Here you can find the Sunny Portal App for Anroid.


Further information

Sunny Portal – Professional PV System Monitoring, Management, and Presentation

SMA Smart Home on the Move—a New iOS App


  1. S Kris
    S Kris says:

    Hi. I have a brand new PV system with a Sunny inverter and I was sold on the ability to monitor my usage etc over Bluetooth. I have downloaded my smartphone app (Android) but how do I connect to my Sunny, and how do I setup Sunny Portal? Thanks! – skris88

    • Markus Ohlendorf
      Markus Ohlendorf says:

      Hello skris,

      to be able to send data to the Sunny Portal in order to use the Sunny Portal Android App, a data logger such as a Sunny Home Manager or a Sunny WebBox is required. Please understand that there is no possibility to use the Sunny Portal without a data logger or an inverter that has been retroffited with a Webconnect data module.

      Unfortunately we do not know you plant configuration or the inverter installed on site. Therefore we are not able to provide more accurate information, but however, we will try to help you with general information.

      In case that you use one inverter with an integrated Webconnect data module, the registration keys (PIC & RID) are visible on the label.

      The PIC (Product Identification Code) and RID (Registration Identifier) are required for the registration of Sunny Home Managers and also inverters with Webconnect technology at Sunny Portal (please see type label or label at inverter, Webconnect Data Module or Webconnect Piggy-Back included in the scope of delivery for further details).

      If you use another data logger such as a Sunny Webbox, the registration is done directly through the web interface of the device.

      Please note:

      The Webconnect Data Module is provided as a retrofit kit or is pre-installed in the inverter.
      The Webconnect Data Module must only be installed in the following inverters as of firmware version 2.51:
      • Sunny Boy 2500TLST-21 / 3000TLST-21 / 3000TL-21 / 3600TL-21 / 4000TL-21 / 5000TL-21
      • Sunny Tripower 8000TL-10 / 10000TL-10 / 12000TL-10 / 15000TL-10 / 17000TL-10 / 15000TLEE-10 / 15000TLHE-10 / 20000TLEE-10 / 20000TLHE-10

      And again, to be able to use the Sunny Portal services, a data logger such as a Sunny WebBox is required.
      Please understand that any use of the Sunny Portal services is not possible without a data logger.

      Please feel free to contact us again, if there are any other questions regarding our products.
      All the best,


      • Anthony Schroder
        Anthony Schroder says:

        Hallo Markus.
        I have a sma inverter 5000TL installed yr 2013 and the sony portal app. Syill can not ise it while i am logged in. Where can i find the PIC and the RID? And how can i provide it.?
        Do i have to install a data logger on my app?
        I am logged in but no info on the screen if the app.

  2. John Butterworth
    John Butterworth says:

    I have an SMA 4000 inverter with Webconnect and it works with the PC online system, but when I try with the app on my Android phone, when I login it says “Connection not successful – The server request was not successful. Please try again”. The Demo access mrthod also shows the same error message. I have double checked my login details which are correct for the PC version. My phone version is Android 2.3.6.
    Can you suggest any solutions plase?
    Thank you.

  3. ian baker
    ian baker says:

    my system keeps shutting with connection fault 9
    I have instructions on how to fix it but am unable to connect to the Bluetooth mode
    I was wondering does the Bluetooth symbol have to in the display window to connect

  4. Barry
    Barry says:

    What an embarrassing app. I tried the WWW. and another waste of time and energy. I entered my Sunny Boy system, serial number (the one SMA gave me) and it states i can not continue as the SN is not aligned with said SunnyBoy.
    Very frustrating as if you read the mail everyone on the planet would have one. They are also made in China now and not Germany as they continue to allege. Deceit by omission is still deceit!!!!

  5. Jon-Erik Lunoe
    Jon-Erik Lunoe says:

    Am a new owner of a PV site.
    Have installed the app on my android and with the aid of my installer managed to connect to the site.
    However, the controls do not look as good as this and more like the “old”.
    Has the new version been withdrawn?
    Otherwise excited about the PV site.

    • Carolin Rost
      Carolin Rost says:

      Hello Jon-Erik,
      The Sunny Portal app for Android has not been withdrawn. The current version ist 1.04.24.R.
      Compared to the Sunny Portal website, there are differences in the representation. A new version for the Sunny Portal App for Android is in process.
      Kind regards,

      • ivan snelling
        ivan snelling says:

        Hi, I have the newest version of the android app, I have sunny island 8, sunny boys etc and a home manager 1.0, but seem to have the forecast data, is the picture for the grid feed to change to show a generator for off grid applications??

  6. Pat
    Pat says:

    My phone is paired to the inverter ok, but the Sunny Portal App can’t find any inverter and theres nowhere on the website to enter my inverter number.

  7. Peter
    Peter says:

    Just installed an off grid system but can not log in into the sunny island 8.0 using the passwords on the right hand side. Note I can’t register the system online since am in a remote site in Congo with no internet connection.

  8. Jomo Smith
    Jomo Smith says:

    Does your team make regular updates to the application? It seems like it hasn’t been updated in years. I would like the UI and UX to feel a little more modern

    • Carolyn Schlosser
      Carolyn Schlosser says:

      Hi Jomo,

      We are working on an update of our app. As soon as there are news you can find them here. Till then you can find our new SMA Energy App in the App Stores.

      Sunny regards,


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