Technical Documentation and Updates in May

This post was originally published in 2013. The tips and techniques explained may be outdated.

The purpose of this blog entry is to keep you informed about the latest updates and new publications for SMA devices released each month by the technical documentation team. This information will be made available on a monthly basis. This means that you will always be kept up to date and will never miss any changes or anything new that is published.

Latest Technical and Product Documentation

The following product-related documents have been updated and published for the first time and are available for download from the Download Area at

SUNNY BOY 3000TL-21 / 3600TL-21 / 4000TL-21 / 5000TL-21
PV interters
Installation Manual »

TRANSFORMER COMPACT STATION 500SC / 630SC / 800SC / 900 SC / 1000SC / 1250SC /1600SC / 1800SC
Accessories for central inverters
Maintenance manual »

SUNNY BOY 2500TL/3000TL Single Tracker
PV interters
Installation manual »

SUNNY BOY 3000TL / 3600TL / 4000TL / 5000TL
PV interters
Installation manual »

SUNNY TRIPOWER 15000TL/20000TL Economic Excellence
PV interters 
Installation manual »

Accessories for central inverters
Technical description »

SUNNY BOY 1300TL / 1600TL / 2100TL
PV interters 
Installation manual »


Latest Firmware Updates

The following software and firmware have been updated, and the latest versions are now available for download from the Download Area at

SUNNY BOY 3000/3600/4000/5000TL-21
Firmware version 2.55 (HP 2.52) (ZIP file) via SD-Card
Download »

Firmware version 2.55 (HP 2.52) (ZIP-file) for Sunny Explorer (starting version 1.06.15) or WebBox with Bluetooh®
Download »

Firmware version 02.00.08.R (UP2 file)
Download »

Firmware version 1.02.10.R (UP2 file)
Download »


Latest PC Software Updates

The following software has been updated to a new version, which is available for download via link given or from the Download Area at

Software-Version 1.0.8.R (JAR-Datei) für LINUX und MacOS
Download »

Software version 1.0.8.R (EXE file) for WINDOWS
Download »

Software version 1.06.15 (EXE file) for WINDOWS
Download »

Software version 1.11 (EXE file) for WINDOWS
Download »


Even Faster Access to Information

If you would like to be informed sooner about the publication of new technical documentation or releases of software/firmware updates, why not follow us on Twitter under @smasolar? Here we can keep you up to date even faster via tweets with the latest news about all of our products.


Links for More Information

SMA Download Area

SMA FAQ & Support

SMA on Twitter

  1. Roderick Dawson-Marsh
    Roderick Dawson-Marsh says:

    I have been told by your support team, that my newly installed Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 Battery storage Inverter requires a firmware upgrade! The battery is a Tesla Powerwall 6.4kw. The installers were ForestEco Systems, UK.
    The Sunny Boy keeps showing a red light and it seems to be not sending or storing data.
    How do I download this firmware update and install it, as the company are to busy to do it.
    kind regards,

    • Lucas Unbehaun
      Lucas Unbehaun says:

      Hi Roderick,

      please dial +49 561 9522-2499 to contact our service line. The colleagues over there will help you.

      Kind regards, Lucas


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