SMA Smart Home on the Move – a New iOS App

It’s easy to be smart. Just combine the SMA Smart Home’s intelligent energy management with the potential of an iPhone. This results in a handy solution for home energy management that can be used while on the go.

The new Sunny Portal app, version 1.06, uses Sunny Home Manager to bring live data from a PV system and expanded energy management displays to the iPhone. In addition, radio-controlled sockets can be operated easily via cell phone, which means that selected loads can be activated or deactivated from anywhere.

And that’s not all: System operators can use their iPhones to look up their self-consumption, their self-consumption quota, the PV production forecast, and the estimated load – whenever and wherever they like. The update includes improvements and enhancements to intelligent energy management. Let’s take a closer look at the update and its new features.


New features
  • Mobile PV system monitoring and increased self-consumption for PV systems with the Sunny Home Manager. The app also replicates the Sunny Portal’s familiar display of the current status with live data.

Visual Display of the current status with real-time graph in portrait mode

Visual Display of the energy balance in landscape mode

Visual Display of the current status with real-time graph in landscape mode



  • The app displays total consumption, purchased electricity, self-consumption, PV production, grid feed-in, and the self-consumption quota.
Energiebilanz-Legende_h_EN Kopie

Data Display of the self consumption per month via page-curl effect

Energiebilanz-Tag_h_EN Kopie

Graph Display of the self consumption per day in portrait mode


Energiebilanz_Monat_EN Kopie

Graph Display of the self consumption per month in landscape mode


  • It integrates the PV production forecast and the proposed actions.
Prognose_h_EN Kopie

Display PV generation forecast in portrait mode


Display PV generation forecast in landscape mode

Display PV generation forecast in landscape mode

  •  Mobile load control via SMA radio-controlled sockets
Display of the loads in portrait mode

Display of the loads in portrait mode


Additional new features
  • A variable system password protects against unauthorized access
  • Alignment information is displayed in the system profile (directional angle / tilt angle)
  • Optimized for iPhone 5 screen (4-inch Retina display)
  • Bug fixes


Q and A from the Community

1. When will the equivalent update for Android be released?

– The update for the Android app is in development, but we can’t announce an exact release date at this time. It will integrate the Sunny Home Manager, similar to the iOS update.


2. Could the Sunny Portal app be updated to include the view and the operational status of the battery storage system?

– As part of our continual product improvements, we will most likely soon support a battery meter in the app. But we can’t provide an exact date for this.


3. I had a question about the SMA app: Would it be possible to show the expected values here, like on the website? That would make the app almost perfect.

– Thanks for the encouragement. We always find it helpful. We have passed your suggestion along to our Product Management.


4. When will the Sunny Portal display the self-sufficiency quota?

– The self-sufficiency quota will be shown when a Sunny Island 6.0 H is operated in connection with a Sunny Home Manager. But we can’t specify an exact date at this time. In addition, we are taking up the challenge of other possible configurations.


Basic App Functions
  • System Selection

With your existing user data, you can access your systems, no matter where you are. If you don’t have a Sunny Portal account yet, you can try out the app and online system monitoring using a demo account.

  • Energy and Power

Access to the system’s long-term energy data makes it possible to, for example, take a quick and easy reading of how much the system has produced today or in the last month.

  • System Logbook for Ensuring Yields

Installers and users with admin rights have access to an event logbook, which provides direct information everywhere if the PV system reports a system incident, for example. In such a case, it only takes a few taps to reach the system operator by phone to allow joint review of whether it is something as simple as a blown fuse or if a service call needs to be scheduled.

  • System Profile

All important PV system data is visible at a single glance. The system can be easily presented anywhere you want. You can also add new or additional users to the Sunny Portal, so that friends or shareholders can view the system performance at any time.



Currently available languages are German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek and Czech.


System requirements: iOS 5.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. No support is provided for iPhone 1, iPhone 3G, iPod touch 1, or iPod touch 2.


For more information, please visit the following links


  1. António Reis
    António Reis says:


    i have a equipment of SMA, and would like have a software for my ipad. If i purchasing this app in apple store, what i need to do in equipment os SMA to have the connection?


    • Gerrit Naß
      Gerrit Naß says:

      Hello Mr. Reis,

      The iPhone app is designed to visualize a Sunny Portal plant. To register your inverter(s) in Sunny Portal you will need a Webconnect data module (in some inverters included) or a Sunny Home Manager and an working internet connection. If the pv plant is registered in Sunny Portal, you can use your iPhone or iPad to watch the data.

      Best regards,

  2. Marcin
    Marcin says:


    my issue is loosing transmission between SMA system devices (2 inverters, 1 Webbox, 1 HomeManager and 1 EnergyMeter) and your servers. I have 2 iPads as real-time monitiring @ my home (accessed by ADSL->WiFi) plus iPhone + Apple TV as a presentation for clients outside (accessed by 3G/LTE). The issue is loosing connection between client (iDevices) and SMA server/database. Result: SMA app crushing very often.

    Can you do anything to stabiliise the iPhone/iPad app? Even I have stable connection to internet 40 Mb/s, I still have issue with your servers. Maybe the issue is too many accesses to database @ one time?



  3. Ralph Wolf
    Ralph Wolf says:

    I have some *basic* questions. Does this app allow me to directly control and configure your inverters via Blootooth? I’m less interested in remote monitoring over cell networks. In fact, I want to use this out in the woods where there is no Cell coverage!

    If this app will talk directly to your inverters, which inverter models are supported?

    If this is the wrong software for that, please tell me what I should buy/download to get the job done. I have a windows 10 laptop with bluetooth as well.


    • Rhea Terlinden
      Rhea Terlinden says:

      Hello Ralf,

      the Sunny Portal App for iOS allows the easy mobile access to the largest online-portal for monitoring, the SMA Sunny Portal.

      No matter what size your system might have: Sunny Portal gives you access to your PV power plant right on your mobile phone. PV system operators, installers and service personnel can then access the most important data they require from anywhere they want. This reduces time and costs.

      The Sunny Portal App does not establish a direct connection to any inverter. To be able to send data to the Sunny Portal and also to use the Sunny Portal app, a data logger such as a SMA Sunny Home Manager or a SMA Cluster Controller is required.

      Kind regards


    I have SMA 800 CP – 12 nos inverters now i required inverter instantaneous data regarding generation through SMA mobile application if available ? Kindly give detail if any how it is possible ?

  5. Alan
    Alan says:

    Hi SMA,
    I have been looking for some way to configure SMA’s Home Manager with a SMART solution such as Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google assist or even IFTTT but as far as I can see SMA doesn’t provide integrations to any of these solutions? When can we expect SMA Technology to start providing support for standard IoT integrations rather than just the limit 3rd parties that use the SMA API?
    It would be relatively simple for SMA to supply these features with the existing API so I would love to hear when this is likely to be available?

    • Christiane Keim
      Christiane Keim says:

      Hello Alan,

      Thank you for your suggestions.
      Customer feedback is continuously incorporated into our further developments. If there is a new development in this area, we will inform promptly.

      Sunny regards


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