Flexible Module Level Power Optimization with SMA and Tigo Energy

This post was originally published in 2016. The tips and techniques explained may be outdated.

With the smart module technology TS4, SMA and Tigo Energy for the first time offer PV system operators to equip individual PV modules with additional functions. For example, when trees or dormers cause partial shading, only the modules that are affected need to be equipped with an optimizer.


IntersolarWith previous solutions, all solar modules always had to be equipped with an optimizer regardless of whether this was even necessary. PV system operators can thus easily and cost-efficiently acquire higher yields from their new or existing system. SMA CTO Jürgen Reinert explains module optimization with Tigo TS4 live at Intersolar.


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  1. Fernando
    Fernando says:


    I can’t connect my SMA SB4.0 AV41 with Gateway and TS4-R Optimizers. SMA is no capable to detect any Gateway or module.

    Best Regards


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